Led consolidation of ExxonMobil grease product line from over 1000 to 100 products, aligning
  formulation platforms for key product lines, leading to major cost savings and significantly improved
Directed grease research team activities with multi-million dollar annual budget in support of 
  consolidation project and related new product developments
Member of the board of directors of NLGI since 2005, Chair of the Technical Committee for 6 years,          and currently on the Executive Committee
Developed and delivered comprehensive grease technology training to hundreds of ExxonMobil
  sales and engineering employees
Authored and presented several technical papers at NLGI, ELGI and STLE conferences, receiving best
  paper awards from NLGI and ELGI
Gave numerous technical presentations at numerous mining, wind energy and maintenance industry
  conferences throughout North and South America
Led development of one day grease education course offered by NLGI at STLE conferences
Developed, reformulated and field tested dozens of lubricants
Developed and administered a multi-laboratory quality assurance program for lubricants
Led the development of 10 lubricants blending operations training videos
Managed project to qualify Mobil industrial lubricants for use in nuclear plant applications


  • 2008 - NLGI  Best Paper Award
  • 2009 - ELGI Best Paper Award
  • 2012- NLGI John A. Bellanti Memorial Meritorious Service Award
  • 2012 - 2014 - NLGI President's Plaque
  • 2015 - NLGI Fellows Award

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