Chuck Coe is the president and principal consultant for Grease Technology Solutions LLC

He holds a BS Chemical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, along with NLGI CLGS and STLE CLS professional certifications. He worked for Mobil and ExxonMobil for 32 years, including 6 years as ExxonMobil’s Grease Technology Manager.  He retired from ExxonMobil and launched Grease Technology Solutions LLC, a grease training and consulting business in October, 2009.  He is a past President of the National Lubricating Grease Institute and is the Grease Education Committee Chair of STLE.  He has authored several technical papers and articles on grease, and received Best Marketing Paper and Best Paper awards from both NLGI (2008) and ELGI (2009), as well as the John A. Bellanti Sr. Memorial Meritorious Service Trophy from NLGI (2012) and the NLGI Fellows award (2015).

Consulting Experience Summary:

Over 40 clients including

 Major global and specialty lubricant additive and other raw material suppliers
 Specialty lubricating grease and raw material manufacturers
National Lubricating Grease Institute
 Legal community
American Bearing Manufacturers Association
 Original Equipment Manufacturers
Project portfolio includes
 Market entry and competitive product analysis
 Business strategy development
 Lubricating grease training courses
 Expert legal guidance
 Pilot plant set up
ISO 21469 (food grade) certification guidance
NLGI Lubricating Grease Production Survey

Prior Experience Summary: 

32 years with Mobil and ExxonMobil
  • 12 years in lubricants technical service
Formulating industrial oils and greases
Training sales forces
Managing field tests
Supporting manufacturing operations
Solving customer problems
  • 11 years in various business leadership positions in the marketing, supply and manufacturing
  • 2 years managing the US Fuels technical organization
  • 7 years managing the Global grease technical organization
Overseeing a multi-million dollar research budget
Managing a team of 4 global product advisors
Supporting marketing and manufacturing departments
Training sales and lube engineering staffs
Representing ExxonMobil on NLGI board of directors and chairing the Technical Committee



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